Keith's Rescue Dogs

Registered Charity No 1093211

Our Re-homing

The object of this charity is to find our dogs good quality loving homes and not just to re-home as many dogs as possible by moving them on quickly.

1. Prior to dog viewing a pre-adoption home visit is usually made to potential new owners, we must meet all members of the family including any children and pets to ensure the environment is right. A secure garden boundary is essential, a 4ft fence is minimum requirement and for certain good jumping dogs a 6ft fence, boundaries that consist of conifers or hedging will still require some form of secure fencing.

2. Keith’s Rescue Dogs is primarily a Lincolnshire based charity, it is very expensive to travel up and down the country carrying out home checks so we re-home only in Lincolnshire. The exception to this is for our long term dogs.

3. We do not re-home dogs with families who have children under 3 years of age. German Shepherds, Rottweilers or similar guard dog breeds are not re-homed with families who have children under 13 years of age.

4. All our dogs are stringently assessed for behavioural problems and temperament issues including chewing, phobias and car sickness. Dogs are neutered, inoculated and micro-chipped.

5. Once a home visit is completed we will arrange for potential new owners to visit the kennels and meet compatible dogs, we ask all members of the family including dogs to come along.

6. On choosing a dog new owners are asked to make a donation to the charity, they are also required to sign a re-homing contract. The contract states that if for any reason they have to part with the dog it cannot be sold or passed onto a third party but must be returned to the charity. This is a safety net system to safeguard the dogs future.

7. A post home visit will be carried out by one of the trustees to make sure the dog has settled in and help resolve any issues you or the dog may have.8. No re-homing is carried out during the Christmas and New Year periods (12th December to 2nd January) this is to eliminate the Christmas gift scenario.

If you would like more information, or to rehome one of our dogs, please call us on:
or email us
Adopting a dog means making a promise, you vow to be his friend and guardian for as long as he’s around. That means taking him out for walks even when the weather is bad, teaching him obedience even when it seems like he’s not learning, and giving him tummy rubs even when you’re mad at him for chewing up your favourite slippers. Adopting a dog means making arrangements for him when you can’t be around to look after him, and taking him with you when you move. It means treating him with respect, teaching him how to live amongst your family and the rest of society. That’s a big promise. In return you’ll get a wagging tail to meet you at the door when you come home, a tireless tennis-ball-fetching partner and the unending joy that is only possible to experience from sharing your life with a dog. It’s a fabulous deal as long as you’re able to uphold your end of it. So before you start looking for a dog, ask yourself, can you make this promise and keep it?
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