Keith's Rescue Dogs

Registered Charity No 1093211

About Us

Keith’s Rescue Dogs is primarily a Lincolnshire based charity which focuses on rescuing and re-homing abandoned dogs due for destruction from council pounds.

Please contact:
01205 750197
if you would like to rehome one of our dogs.
Keith’s Rescue Dogs is primarily a Lincolnshire based charity which focuses on rescuing and re-homing abandoned dogs due for destruction from council pounds. Whenever we have the space we will take dogs from full pounds in other areas of the country, these dogs are rescued from what is in effect a “death row” of abandoned dogs, a lot of pounds destroy unclaimed dogs after just 7 days, the dogs are very often in a poor condition and usually traumatised, bewildered and grossly underweight, they can take several weeks to recover from the ordeal.

Why Dogs Come Into Care
There are many reasons dogs come into our care, marriage breakdown, financial problems, owners cannot cope when baby comes along, owner dies, owner moves into rented accommodation, unwanted Christmas gifts is a particularly sad reason. There are of course more disturbing cases were dogs have been neglected and occasionally subjected to extreme cruelty, we have taken in dogs that have been beaten, thrown from moving cars and tied to trees and abandoned the list is endless.

Helping People
A lot of people fail to realise that Animal charities help people not just animals, for example many dogs come to us from the elderly moving into residential or care homes, people with disabilities who can no longer care for their dogs and sadly sometimes people that are terminally ill, all these people are often more concerned about their pets welfare then their own, animal charities play a very important role in society in helping both people and animals alike.

Misson Statement
(1) The care and protection of dogs which are in need of care and attention by reasons of homelessness, maltreatment, poor circumstances, ill usage or similar causes, and prevention of cruelty to and suffering among dogs.(2) The Education of the public as to humane principles and correct treatment of dogs.

2000  Keith’s Rescue Dogs was formed on a wing and a prayer in January 2000, our goal to rescue and re-home as many dogs as possible. Our first challenge was to survive the first twelve months and in doing so make a reputation second to none in the hope that volunteers would come forward and help build on this fragile base. Six months on and it became apparent that unless volunteers & fund raisers came on board the operation would not survive another 6 months. Towards the end of the first year helpers came forward and some fundraising helped ease the financial pressure. A very difficult year but we had survived!
2001  Another tough year lay ahead but regular fundraising was now taking place and helpers where continuing to come forward these volunteers became the “Friends of Keith’s Rescue Dogs”. The organisation became more structured with regular financial meetings, fundraising and events. As funds increased we were able to take in and help more and more dogs. In late summer it was decided to apply to the Charity Commission for full charity status.
2002  Nearly a year later and thanks to the hard work of volunteers and the public a major milestone was reached, the Charity Commission Of England & Wales granted the trustees of “Keith’s Rescue Dogs” charitable status under section 3 of the charities act 1993!
2003  Now as a registered charity, members of the public started holding various fundraising events, including participation in the London Marathon, all of which raised much needed funds. The trustees next goal was to double the amount of dogs it could take at one time to 30, this target proved difficult to reach and in September we took the decision to open a charity shop in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. The shop proved to be a very successful venture allowed us to reach our target of 30 dogs, all the items we sell are donated by the general public and the shop is staffed by a willing band of volunteers. Our loyal customers call it a “proper old fashioned charity shop”.The plan for the next 3 years was to build on our outstanding reputation and to improve our fundraising so we could continue to give our rescue dogs first class care.
2007  The charity celebrated its first seven years and what a roller coaster ride it has been! The key to success has been without doubt the support and generosity of the general public coupled  with the drive and determination of the trustees and volunteers. Today the charity is run in a professional manner by 8 trustees and a number of dedicated  helpers, everybody involved is a volunteer and receives no form of payment. The charity has an  outstanding reputation for it’s high standards and commitment to the welfare of dogs. The costs  involved in the rescuing and the re homing of dogs is astronomical, it cost more than £52,000 in  the period 2006/2007 to keep afloat and this figure is bound to continue to rise, we rely entirely  on sponsorship and donations for survival and the more the charity receives the more dogs we can help.