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Lab Cross
3-4 Years

Are you ready for me in your life?


My name is Dexter and I've heard them say I am a Labrador crossed with a Border Collie – whatever that means! I’m three and a half years old and I love life, given the chance.

I really enjoy meeting people and love to jump up to say Hello. I am very good at jumping, I jump so high I can look in their eyes. But…….I’ve been told that isn’t very good manners, so I'm learning to keep my feet on the ground – boy is that hard for me.


I’ve been working with a trainer and she is teaching me some fun games, like ‘Find it’ where I go and hunt for the treats in the grass. That keeps my feet on the floor, for sure. I'm learning to sit still too when people are around me - so many new social skills to get to grips with!

I also love to play with a ball but I do like to keep it once it’s in my mouth. The trainer is teaching me to swap the ball for a treat and then she throws the ball again for me. When she says ‘Enough’ I’m learning that means the end of the ball game. So much learning to do - but it is good fun.


So what kind of person would be right for me?

WLTM – A kind, patient person who understands energetic dogs. I really do need someone to teach me boundaries and build a bond with me.

Others have tried - but I've not found my perfect match yet.


So, I would love someone who would strive to build that special bond and be confident to enjoy an active lifestyle with me.

Oh and by the way - I think the charity might just fund some training with my new owner!

Could you be that person?


Click here to see a video of me when I get excited. I can't control myself!

And click here to see a video taken on the same day that I'm really proud of!

You can see the progress that can be made with dedication to positive training!

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